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The Best Company is Unplanned

So I always try to keep an open mind, do crazy things, not follow what’s normal etc.

When friends wanna go out on a Monday I’m there to support them in their decision taking that last dreadful shot at a quarter to 5.

I’m also the person who doesn’t say no to an afterparty even though I know that I need to get up in 6 hours. Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life in an apartment in Hässelby?

Skinny dipping after a night out in an outdoor pool not open to public. Staying up during the summer until the stores open in the morning just to buy a portable grill and go out in the park barbequing hotdogs for breakfast and drinking low alcoholic beers. Run around barefoot in Midtown since your feet are sore for dancing all night.

Crazy things. Not stupid thing.

And when I’m off I get bored. You leave me at home for two days and I’m starting to climb the walls.

And that was the deal tonight. I was home. I was bored. I went in to one of my jobs to try to do some good, schedules and shit, but instead I bumped in to a friend in town and we decided to do something fun instead. Like playing slots and drinking wine.

Since she is a more experienced slotsplayer then me I also felt I could learn something while doing it. Maybe not everything, since there is so much more going on in a slotsgame then just the spins. It’s a lot of statistics also. But then the alcohol got in the way of the education after a while. You all know I’m not a player player. I’m a dealer. I’m always on the other side of things. Always winning. Never gambling.

But I like it. It’s fun. And at the moment it pays off. I can buy that nice handbag. I can buy another pair of shoes. Go on vacation. Do my nails. Do my lashes. And I’m paying for it with free money. Not having to think about that I should probably use it for bills instead.


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