How Hard Can it Be?

Very hard to be honest.

To be a vlogger you really need to have a lot of imagination.

You always have to be thinking “What will be entertaining to my viewers? What would they like to see me try?”

You have to plan, do research, plan some more and then get it all on camera.

So it’s very hard when I also work 5 days a week, 10-16 hours a day, to get time to do something good for you to watch. I get now why normal vloggers don’t have e job when they do this. It’s basically no time for anything else. 

But I won’t give up. When this project starts rolling on it’s own maybe I will reconsider but at the moment I’m not giving up dealing. Because I love it. 

Dealing has taking me places I never thought I would see. Given me a freedom few people have. I have the chance to make my own schedule for the most part. I can work abroad if I like to. I can be off when I feel like it. Dealing is like being a bartender. There is always somewhere you can work. And it’s that kind of a job that will never disappear.

People will always be gambling.

Today’s is by the way one of the busiest days at my job since it’s Friday and salary day. 

Normally they play until 10, 11 o’clock  in the morning. Now, when everyone have new money, it will probably go on until 2 o’clock Saturday. Already regretting that I took an extra shift. Especially when I have to go up early tomorrow. 

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