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The Journey to Blue Hair

So recap of how I went from black to blue.

 I decided i was time for me to color my hair. Need to do something fun with it. Black is so boring after a while.

On my way in I to the store buying color I got a phone call from one of my co-workers asking me to swing by the club and brink coke and coke zero. Since I already was heading to city I didn’t see the problem with doing him a favor and promised to be there before 7 PM.

I shouldn’t have done that.

One of the dealers didn’t show and was refusing to answer any texts or calls which meant that I had to jump in and work instead. Ohh well, some extra cash is always nice.

Made me feel like a winner even before I played the game of today; Immortal Romance, and cashed in some extra money for shoes!

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So I worked like 3 hours before the could get a hold of another dealer and then rushed home to start with my project. Since my roommate was sleeping I had to do it very quietly but I’m like the loudest person you know when I’m trying to be quite. Dropping thing, bumping in to thing, tripping. But he told me the morning after that I didn’t wake him so I’m apparently getting better at it.

The hair do didn’t turn blue, it turned greenish. I blame the bleach. So I had to do it all over again.
But what to do, what to do right? Hopefully it won’t fall off after this.

Also hit the gym before going to bed. Really need to exercise more since I’m sitting on my ass like 12 hours a day.


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