Luckiest Person Alive Right Now?

So these last two days have been really intense and so rewarding.

Sundays stream generated in a really god, big win after I’ve been just loosing and loosing for hours. Missed everything.

Just saw the reels go by hour after hour with no hits. No bonus games. No free spins anywhere in sight.

It was really frustrating since it didn’t feel like I was putting on a good show for my followers on twitch. Felt like a really lousy entertainer.

Then I went to my trustful dragons.

I continued to loose in the beginning, feeling that even my dragons had abandon me for this stream, then it changed.

I just got sick off it. Said to myself “Fuck it! Let’s spice this up. If I lose I lose and then I just put in more money tomorrow

So I raised the bet to 12,5€. Just wanting something to happen! Win big or go out with my head high, putting on a good show for my followers, but have no money left.

My dragons didn’t let me down! 1042€ winning!  It was raining money!

Withdrew 1500€ the day after still leaving some money for the next stream. Still haven’t figured out what to do with he money but it’s safely tucked away in my bank account at the moment.

Then Tuesdays stream started out pretty good. Had a lot of followers from the beginning and all of them where very interactive asking questions, suggesting games, cheering. A really nice stream. 

Then someone popped the questions “Aren’t you gonna play some dragons?”

Explained that I won big yesterday and that I felt my luck might have been drained on that game, but since I love my dragons I couldn’t resist.

1323€ winning in the bonus game on a 10€ bet! Booya bitches!!

Couldn’t believe my eyes. Was this really happening? I actually won more then yesterday.

Feeling lucky when we started my third stream in a row I really didn’t wanna play my dragons. Luck had to be gone now.

Lucky for me the third stream was so relaxed. So nice and calm and friendly that I didn’t feel the need to go crazy and bet big. I just spend 4,5 hours talking, discussing, drinking wine and getting to know my followers. So nice. A perfect end.

Except for Frankeswe constantly nagging about seeing me play Machine Gun Unicorn!!

After 2 big winnings with my lucky dragons! 


Saving some money for later.


Still got a lot left. This won’t be the first withdrawal I assure you.

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