Making Up For Lost Time

So working as much as I do, getting to meet my friends isn’t always easy and it can be weeks before I see them at times.

Today I tried to make up for lost time by inviting one of my friends to the movies. Winning a lot on the slots the last sessions, it was all on me.

The movies we thought about was Kong: Skull Island, The Cure for Wellness and The Great Wall. Kong was the only one that aired late though, where talking after 21.00 since we’re both night working people, so wasn’t hard to choose in the end.

Going in to city I tried to work as much as possible on the train. Really need that laptop right about now. Or like two weeks ago.

Throughout the movie I felt that I recognized thing in it from another movie I just watched recently. The cut scene after the movie explained it all. Not gonna spoil anything here but Kong is very cleverly connected to another movie that was redone last year.

Thought that Kong was very touching. It had a story to it. It wasn’t just a big ape killing everything in his way. They where reasons to it.

But don’t take my word for it since I was also one of the persons that screamed “nooo” when they shoot Godzilla on the bridge in the movie and cried a bit. I guess I have a thing for monsters?

Or not really, it’s just that often in movies they always make the monster a monster with “feeling”, emotions, mother instincts etc. And always humanity is so stupid thinking that they are great, big and powerful. Owners of the world. Highest in hierarchy. Stupid people.

After the movie we wanted to go somewhere and take a glass of wine, but the movie ended very late, my friend had to work the day after and I was completely dead after this week. I really felt it when I got home and had the time to relax for a bit. 

So I’m of to bed. No alcohol for me today.

Just some slots on my computer: Golden Lotus, trying to win some more money for the stream on Sunday.


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