Ohh FFS!

I’m starting to get sick!

I felt it on the stream yesterday, that my throat was starting to itch, I coughed a lot and today it’s even worse. Could barely sleep during the night because of it.

I hate being sick! It interferes so much with my job!

A week off being sick really takes a bit out of my salary. I’ll have to work even harder the three weeks that are left. And that will probably make me sick again. It’s an evil circle.

It’s no fun sitting at a poker table and not feeling 100%. Especially in the higher games when you have to be on top off things all the time. Counting pot, counting rake, keep the players well behaved. It’s hard to do this for 12-16 hours when you feel healthy. Try to do it feeling sick.

Sigh. Stupid cold.

And today I had all these things planned.

Going to the bank and fix with my loan, a trip to the gym, meet up with a friend for dinner and a movie. Maybe some glasses of wine afterwards.

Instead it will be me, on the couch, coughing and eating chips feeling sorry for myself.

I will probably spending all my money on my SlotsMillion account also because I will be so bored in a day or two. Shopping online is a bad habit off mine. I just love getting packages in the mail. And often I buy so much that I have no clue if everything is delivered or not. Or sometimes I don’t even remember buying it. And then I really need to work more to be on track again with my money.

Like I said. Evil circle.

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