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To Much Sleep?

I think I put my body into chock letting it sleep more them 8 hours!?

Been feeling really off today. Not really having my head in the game at all. 

Started the day as usual though. Just sitting in bed after I woke up going through my schedule for the day and oncoming days. Just took me 5 hours to get everything on my list done. Yay!

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Getting Closer To A Normal Life Again

After been up until 8 o’clock this morning, total of 47 hours awake, I actually had the time to sleep 3 hours before I needed to start setting up the computer for the stream tonight. Never done anything like it, I’m mostly crawling around on the floor plugging in and unplugging wires according to Tony’s directions.

Really having a problem with the sound right now. And I don’t really have the time to sit here and try to fix it since I need to go in to Stockholm city and get a green hat for the stream. I’m going live at 17 so there is not so much time left at the moment. Continue Reading

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Back When I Could Have a Day Off.

So I’m just gonna share another vlog from when I was back in Slovenia. The day we went to the amazing caves. You can read the full blog post if you go to day 7 in my blog.

I really feel that I need to get some days off very soon. 

Janar and Stefan actually texted me today asking when I will come over to their barn for a couple of days and just hang out. Sounds pretty amazing right about now. 

Have so much to do all the time. I’m not joking when I say that I’ve slept like 15 hours since Monday and that I’m now going strong on hour 26 and with at least 19 more hours of working in front off me.

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Planning Ahead

Just gonna share with you another amazing night in the company of so many great people at the Cash Game Festival in Slovenia!

So far playing the slots games on SlotsMillion have been really fun.

I’m learning more and more every day how I’m supposed to present them in the best way. How to do the stream in a good way so I get all the information out to the people watching. Its a lot of reading though. 

Emails, blog post, the news on the website, going trough the rules for deposits, withdrawal etc. Also people constantly write comments on Facebook, Instagram etc and I have to be there to answer them. People also calls now and then and asks me to change things in the blog. Or on Instagram.

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Need to Change Something

I’m still sitting in bed.

Haven’t moved in the last 4,5 hours since I’ve been busy uploading photos, videos, updating Instagram, Facebook etc.

Taken a few phone calls, editing a bit. Searching information online about streaming tips. I need to get better at it. I’m still so nervous all the time.

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No Sleep For The Wicked

Been having a really hard time sleeping this last few days. Don’t think I’ve gotten more then 8 hours total for these last two days.

The weird part is that I don’t really feel tired either. Maybe it’s because I constantly worry about everything.

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First Stream Back in Sweden

After cooking myself some breakfast/lunch I just arrived at my portable office where I will do the first stream back in Sweden.

Since I don’t have my tech guys with me I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this will run smoothly. 

Played a little on the game of today; Lines of Magic, during the cooking but I didn’t really have time yo concentrate on it since I didn’t wanna burn my dinner. 

Wanna play also? Sign Up and get 10 FREE SPINS on the site. 


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Back Home in the Cold Again

Just wanna share this awesome day with you guys! Could have been the most fun I had in a while and I would do it all over again if I could!

So yesterday was a pretty long day. Woke up at 9, went for breakfast and then the taxi picked us up at 10.30 to drive us to the airport in Venice.

We arrived rather late to the airport so didn’t have time to shop anything but since my carry on was full anyway I didn’t really care.

Half of the team boarded the early flight, including me. The rest off the team had to wait an hour extra to get to Frankfurt. 

Slept most of the flight but when we where getting close to Frankfurt i realized that its going to be really tight getting on my connection flight. The plane from Venice landed at 15.25 and the boarding for the next plane started 15.30. I also realized that we arrived at gate 13 and that I would departure from gate 40!

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SLOVENIA DAY#7 – Going Deep

The Pulse Arena party night, with the after party at Mona Liza, made me forget to set an alarm for the day after! Can’t blame me though. Went to bed at 7 o’clock and was pretty drunk after 10 hours if drinking.

Petra luckily called me 10 minutes to 12, the bus was scheduled to leave at 12, and asked me where I was. Holy shit! Time to get up!

Get out of bed, get clothes on, brush my teeth, put makeup on and then rush down stairs. All in just 9 minutes! And guys say that girls are slow in the morning.

The activity for today was the world famous Postojnska Cave. One of the largest caves in the world and on the top 5 list of places to visit in Europe.

It was a very tired, hungover and quite group that left the hotel but after we all rested for a bit, had some breakfast at a gas station and cranked up the music in the bus it started to get better.

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SLOVENIA DAY#6 – Hammertime!

Getting to bed so late the night before I decided not to set an alarm and just sleep until I woke up. Made me miss breakfast, but as you all know by now, it wasn’t the end if the world.

So instead of breakfast I went to one of the poker players room, where the guys where still up playing poker since last night. Some of them going on 37 hours!

Took my first glass of wine at 13 in that room with the reason that it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, and then stayed another 2 hours dealing what we called the “bedgame”, making 25€ in tips, before I went down to do my second live stream on Twitch.

Is it possible that you can be more nervous the second time your doing something? Because I was. Shaking even more then the first time. I think it went well, I was winning a lot, but it’s so hard to keep a conversation going with yourself for 2 hours.

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