Proud Of My Country

Today I am so proud to be Swedish. To live in this wonderful, helpful country.

The love and help that people have been sharing throughout the day after the attack in the center of Stockholm is truly amazing.

People jump in their cars to help people get home to their children, their familys, when the cab companies are overthrown with costumers due to all the cancelled trains, subways and buses.

People open up their homes to strangers. Offering food, drinks and place to sleep when they can’t get home because of the chaos on the streets.

Police are walking around armed in Stockholm city guarding the central station. In my quite little neighborhood, where no one is out after 22.30, people are walking around in groups, scanning the areas. Looking for anything suspicious.

Stockholm city had a total lock down for several hours. People where caught inside buildings close to the place of the attack, told it wasn’t safe to leave.

It took me 7,5 hour to get home. Detouring with the few buses that had started taking up their routs again after the lock down. But I wasn’t in a hurry. Cause I was safe. I was near the area, had passed it just a couple of minutes before it happened, but I was lucky.

And on my way home, everywhere where people helping. Offering car rides, hot beverage, places to stay.

A lot off big buildings in Stockholm are offering places to sleep. Webpages are starting up everywhere. People working together to help the ones who have nothing at the moment. People who can’t get home. Think it’s safe to say that the hotels that haven’t been closed already are fully booked.

The situation in Sweden has already touched a lot of hearts and souls in the rest of the world. Not saying that this is as bad as other things going on in the world. War, starvation etc. but all lives matter. All attacks are attacks, big or small.

So, go Sweden.

Together we are strong. They will not beat us!



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