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Spending My Winnings

So anyone that saw my streams in Slovenia knows that I did pretty good. So now when I’m home and had a day off I thought that why not spend them?

Didn’t go on a crazy shopping spree, still have to have money left to play for you know, but I got what I needed for the moment and probably more anyways. 

I love to shop but after a while I get really bored of it. Especially when your looking for that special piece of clothing. 

For example, I’ve been looking for the perfect coat for 4 years. Every time I go abroad I visit all the stores that we don’t have back in Sweden just so see if I can find it. But there is always something wrong. To long, wrong color, makes me look fat, ain’t small enough, has a zipper instead off buttons, doesn’t have a waistband. The list can go on forever.

Same with shoes. If I like a pair I often get it in different colors. 

I have for example the same ballerina shoe in 4 different colors (pink, black, white and blue) back home because I like them and I can now match them with every outfit.

I do the same thing with clothes also. Have the same model of jeans in 3 different colors, the same sweater in 4 or five different colors. 

If I like how something fits I want the opportunity to be able to mix it up with other colors.

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