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To Much Sleep?

I think I put my body into chock letting it sleep more them 8 hours!?

Been feeling really off today. Not really having my head in the game at all. 

Started the day as usual though. Just sitting in bed after I woke up going through my schedule for the day and oncoming days. Just took me 5 hours to get everything on my list done. Yay!

I then decided to cook a homemade meal, thinking that maybe it’s all the junk food I’ve been eating the last couple of days making me feel off. Or if it’s just because I haven’t eaten the last 26 hours? Sometimes I actually forget to eat for two days or so and then when I realize I’m hungry I’m always surprised about how long it’s been.

Just made something simple. Pasta and minced meat in a good sauce. Thought it went pretty well getting everything on camera, maybe should start my own cooking show? 

The rest of the night will be pretty slow. Just gonna try to relax and don’t think to much about all the work I have to do this week.

Maybe play the game of today; Lines of Magic, a bit more also. Could use a new set of training clothes.

Wanna have the opportunity to try also? Just follow the link: SIGN UP!


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