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Trying To Be Photogenic

So I have a friend of mine that loves taking pictures. Still a hobby photographer he sometimes asks for my help trying out the new things he bought for the camera. Lenses, objectives, portable studios, tripods etc. Photographing in darkness, sunlight, you name it.

So now when the sun is starting to come back to Sweden after all the long months of winter and cold we decided it was time to try out his latest toy.

Though the sun was shining it was windy as hell outside which meant that half of the things i recorded didn’t make it into the vlog, you couldn’t hear anything when I was talking. The wind just stole my words right off. Sad, but at least I tried.

So walking around close to the water is a bad idea if it’s windy and your trying to record speech. Note to future me.

When I was younger I used to be a part of a website called, a site which basically offers photographers a place to find models and for models to find a photographer all at no cost but time. Photographers gets to practice what they need such as portraits, shadows, photographing outside etc and models get photos they can put in their portfolios. Every now and then a MUA joins also and can benefit from this.

When I started modelling I was 16 and I thought that it was just to aim and shoot. I know now that this isn’t the case. I think I spend more time sitting and waiting then in front of the camera.

So now when he was preparing everything up I was passing time doing some spins on SlotsMillions website, playing Wild Wild Chest.

I was also more prepared for the time it would take to find the perfect spot. Not just that the sun had to be in the right angle, but that the wind wouldn’t mess with my hair, no people to disturb us, not to shady etc etc.

After 2-3 hours we thought that we had enough material and wanting to get out of the cold wind we made a pit stop at T.G.I. Friday’s for a beer and the Pizza Hut for breakfast/lunch. He to is a night person so eating lunch at 5 in the afternoon is normal for him.

An hour later I shipped him of to work and went to the leather store to try to find something for the biker party. Unfortunately I didn’t find a leather jacket. Maybe I should go back to the nightclub and just ask? I can be lucky right?

Just gonna add some pics from the shoot since we didn’t put them in the vlog.









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