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Trying To Be Photogenic

So I have a friend of mine that loves taking pictures. Still a hobby photographer he sometimes asks for my help trying out the new things he bought for the camera. Lenses, objectives, portable studios, tripods etc. Photographing in darkness, sunlight, you name it.

So now when the sun is starting to come back to Sweden after all the long months of winter and cold we decided it was time to try out his latest toy.

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The Best Company is Unplanned

So I always try to keep an open mind, do crazy things, not follow what’s normal etc.

When friends wanna go out on a Monday I’m there to support them in their decision taking that last dreadful shot at a quarter to 5.

I’m also the person who doesn’t say no to an afterparty even though I know that I need to get up in 6 hours. Maybe I’ll meet the love of my life in an apartment in Hässelby?

Skinny dipping after a night out in an outdoor pool not open to public. Staying up during the summer until the stores open in the morning just to buy a portable grill and go out in the park barbequing hotdogs for breakfast and drinking low alcoholic beers. Run around barefoot in Midtown since your feet are sore for dancing all night.

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Spending My Winnings

So anyone that saw my streams in Slovenia knows that I did pretty good. So now when I’m home and had a day off I thought that why not spend them?

Didn’t go on a crazy shopping spree, still have to have money left to play for you know, but I got what I needed for the moment and probably more anyways. 

I love to shop but after a while I get really bored of it. Especially when your looking for that special piece of clothing. 

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The Journey to Blue Hair

So recap of how I went from black to blue.

 I decided i was time for me to color my hair. Need to do something fun with it. Black is so boring after a while.

On my way in I to the store buying color I got a phone call from one of my co-workers asking me to swing by the club and brink coke and coke zero. Since I already was heading to city I didn’t see the problem with doing him a favor and promised to be there before 7 PM.

I shouldn’t have done that.

One of the dealers didn’t show and was refusing to answer any texts or calls which meant that I had to jump in and work instead. Ohh well, some extra cash is always nice.

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To Much Sleep?

I think I put my body into chock letting it sleep more them 8 hours!?

Been feeling really off today. Not really having my head in the game at all. 

Started the day as usual though. Just sitting in bed after I woke up going through my schedule for the day and oncoming days. Just took me 5 hours to get everything on my list done. Yay!

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Back When I Could Have a Day Off.

So I’m just gonna share another vlog from when I was back in Slovenia. The day we went to the amazing caves. You can read the full blog post if you go to day 7 in my blog.

I really feel that I need to get some days off very soon. 

Janar and Stefan actually texted me today asking when I will come over to their barn for a couple of days and just hang out. Sounds pretty amazing right about now. 

Have so much to do all the time. I’m not joking when I say that I’ve slept like 15 hours since Monday and that I’m now going strong on hour 26 and with at least 19 more hours of working in front off me.

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Planning Ahead

Just gonna share with you another amazing night in the company of so many great people at the Cash Game Festival in Slovenia!

So far playing the slots games on SlotsMillion have been really fun.

I’m learning more and more every day how I’m supposed to present them in the best way. How to do the stream in a good way so I get all the information out to the people watching. Its a lot of reading though. 

Emails, blog post, the news on the website, going trough the rules for deposits, withdrawal etc. Also people constantly write comments on Facebook, Instagram etc and I have to be there to answer them. People also calls now and then and asks me to change things in the blog. Or on Instagram.

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Back Home in the Cold Again

Just wanna share this awesome day with you guys! Could have been the most fun I had in a while and I would do it all over again if I could!

So yesterday was a pretty long day. Woke up at 9, went for breakfast and then the taxi picked us up at 10.30 to drive us to the airport in Venice.

We arrived rather late to the airport so didn’t have time to shop anything but since my carry on was full anyway I didn’t really care.

Half of the team boarded the early flight, including me. The rest off the team had to wait an hour extra to get to Frankfurt. 

Slept most of the flight but when we where getting close to Frankfurt i realized that its going to be really tight getting on my connection flight. The plane from Venice landed at 15.25 and the boarding for the next plane started 15.30. I also realized that we arrived at gate 13 and that I would departure from gate 40!

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SLOVENIA DAY#5 – Dinner and entertainment is on Us!

Slept more then 10 hours tonight and I don’t feel rested at all! I’m used to sitting on my ass for more then 14 hours dealing poker but to do this job is really exhausting. So much to think about all the time and everybody is pulling me in opposite directions.

Do an interview here! Pose for pictures here! Do the same thing again so I can get it on video! Don’t forget to update your blog, instagram, Facebook! Ahh!

I will probably get used to it later on but right now it’s really intense and everything is so new to me.

Anyhow, found something at breakfast that was supposed to be hot chocolate. It wasn’t. Eww is all I have to say about it. It was like they had taken pieces of real chocolate and then just melted it in a cup. Terrible.

Went to the poker room after that to play today’s featured game; Dragon Kingdom. Went really, really good. I went up 350€ in just 20 spins!

I need to watch myself so I don’t get too addicted to this actually.

You want to play also? Just follow the link, Sign Up and get 10 FREE SPINS!

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HAD a great nights sleep after a really active day yesterday. Slept more then 9 hours, that NEVER happens in my line of work.

Started off with the same boring breakfast at the hotel. My cravings for hot chocolate is getting worse every day.

After breakfast I had a photo shot in the spa to get some nice pictures for my blog and after that I actually had a lot of free hours! Yay!

Before I did anything else I did my prioritized work and spend some time at todays game: Bonanza. Did win quite a lot which is good. Means I’ll have a good bankroll for the twitch later on.

Would be bad to run out off money in the middle off the stream!

After that was done I took my book, my little camera and went out to find a green patch off grass to sit down on and just read and relax in the sun. I’m not kidding when I’m saying that it was at least 20 degrees. Amazing!

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